More Bags. One Trip. No Spills.

Get a Handle on Your
Shopping Bags

Mighty Handle is the easiest way to carry more grocery and shopping bags across a parking lot, walking in a neighborhood, up a flight of stairs or from your car into the house. The patent pending handle and anchor design system distributes weight evenly allowing consumers to carry up to 50lbs of bags in one hand. The no slip handle is ergonomic and comfortable. And the balanced weight system ensures bags flow toward the center so contents don't slosh or get damaged. Mighty Handle is also great for carrying dry cleaning, housewares, even paint cans!

Use the Mighty Handle to eliminate strain on your wrists, red marks on your forearms and cramps in your hands. Mighty Handle can also offer a reduced burden from arthritis as you’re able to use the ergonomic shape of the handle to carry your shopping bags with less effort. Shopping just got a little easier and a lot more mighty.

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“The best thing to happen to grocery shopping since the invention of the shopping cart.” Heather, Mom and proud Mighty Handler….

Twist-Lock No Spill: Carry With Ease

Mighty Handle prevents spills. Consumers simply place their shopping bags in the trunk of the car, twist the Mighty Handle twice and fold the handle down. Your groceries will never spill. A sudden stop or speed bump will never wreck havoc on your heirloom tomatoes or fresh eggs again! It’s an easy way to carry shopping bags, plastic bags, and so much more.

More Bags in One Trip

Why is it the more groceries and housewares we buy, the more painful it is? Lugging all those bags to the car, in the neighborhood, up a flight of stairs or from the car to the house is such a pain. Mighty Handle makes shopping a better experience. Simply place 6 - 8 bags on each Mighty Handle and prepare to make your life a little easier.

100% recyclable. 100% Mighty. Dishwasher Safe and Made in the USA

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